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  • VeriClock Inc.
  • In business since 2010
  • 927 W. 8th Ave
  • Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1E4 CA
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Development Partner - Silver
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Sage Products: Sage 50 — U.S. Edition [Peachtree] ,  Sage 50-Canadian Edition [Simply]

VeriClock is an employee time and location tracking system that can be used via phone call, text message, web, or app, eliminating the need for specialized hardware and manual time sheets. Features include Sage integration, digital signatures on timecards, photo/video/note attachments, GPS tracking, complex payroll and overtime rules, employee/manager alerts for attendance or overtime, and many more.

Real Time Tracking with GPS

Track employee time and location data using your existing hardware. Time tracking can be done by phone call, SMS/text messaging, smartphone app, or web. GPS tracking is available on both smartphones, and older "dumbphones". In addition, location can be verified for web users via IP address and land line users by caller ID.

Integrate Data with Sage

Our bi-directional Sage integration tool allows you to pull data from your Sage company file and instantly populate your VeriClock account. VeriClock then returns key time data on demand, auto-filling the weekly employee time cards with everything from customer/jobs to service items to payroll items (yes, we can even break out your overtime prior to sending to Sage).

Overtime Alerts, No Show Alerts, and Job Costing Alerts

Real-time tracking allows you to take advantage of a number of tools you would not have otherwise. These include alerts when employees are about to enter overtime (or cross over from part time to full time status), alerts when employees don't show up at their scheduled work sites, and alerts when hourly or dollar budget thresholds are exceeded.

Reports Your Way

Construct simple or complex reports as you desire. Select any data you need: jobs, customers, employees, GPS position, phone caller ID, ip address, etc. Format the report as you see fit. Create on demand or have the reports emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Photo, Video, and File Attachment

Employees can attach photos, videos, or other files during their shifts.  Admins and managers can search for these based on the employee and the job they were clocked into.  Common uses for this include documenting before and after conditions, attaching receipts, biometric solutions, and scans of completed safety forms.

Digital Signature on Weekly Timecards

Employees can sign off on their weekly timecards from their smartphones or web browser. Managers can be brought into the loop to sign off on the timecards as well, or they can be set up to go directly back to the main admin. Notes can be passed back and forth prior to signing the cards to clarify any discrepancies.

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