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INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing
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INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing is a proven, robust, feature-rich system seamlessly integrated with Sage Accpac ERP with a single inventory to manage serving MTO, MTS, ATO, CTO and mixed mode manufacturers. INDUSTRIOS – Manufacturing a Better Bottom Line.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.5 , 5.6
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INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing excels at meeting the needs of discrete manufacturers in make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order and mixed mode manufacturing environments. INDUSTRIOS is scalable allowing small and mid-sized manufacturers to start with the basic functionality they need and add functionality as their business grows and evolves. INDUSTRIOS is seamlessly integrated with Sage Accpac ERP modules including GL, AR, AP, System Manager and Payroll Services. INDUSTRIOS supports standard, average, FIFO and actual costing models.


Standard features include serial/lot tracking, user-defined fields, robust online inventory, customer and vendor queries and email integration. For those companines that have a need for bin tracking, serial/lot tracking at the component level in an assembly, MRP Forecasting (demand and supply), shipping integration, pre-invoicing, intercompany orders, or blanket sales, INDUSTRIOS has these features and more.


The INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing modules include:

  • Inventory Control (Finished and Raw)
  • Physical Inventory
  • Production Control
  • MRP
  • Shop Floor Tracking
  • Barcoding 
  • Mobile Transactions (shop floor tracking, inventory, shipping, receiving)
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Quoting & Estimating
  • Product Configuration
  • Customer Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)
  • EDI 

The operational focus within INDUSTRIOS provides great control over the key operational asset - Inventory. INDUSTRIOS offers advanced capabilities that allow customers to: improve their inventory position and costing, enjoy increased gross margins, plan efficiently to reduce costs and improve material availability, schedule effectively to improve on-time job completion, quote quickly and accurately, and improve decision making through robust reporting. INDUSTRIOS - manufacturing a better botton line... It’s just that Simple.

Industries: Building Materials Supply & Service, Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC, Heavy Construction Equipment, Tools & Hardware, Apparel, Soft Goods, & Textiles, Toys, Hobbies, & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Electronics & Computers, Glass & Ceramics, Industrial Equipment, Supply, &, Service, Mining, Rubber & Plastic Products, Air Transportation, Automotive

Business Needs: Contact Management, Inventory Control, Procurement and Purchasing, Subcontractor Management, Vendor management, EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Barcode Scanning/RFID, Handhelds/PDAs, Inventory Control, Planning & Scheduling, Quality Control, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Shop Floor Management, Forecasting, Warranty & Service Contract Management