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The HindSite Solution
The HindSite Solution is field service management software that’s 100% paperless. HindSite includes scheduling, contacts, work orders & our Sage 50-US Edition interface for your billing needs. Find more time & more profit by using our Solution.
Compatible With: Sage 50 — U.S. Edition [Peachtree], Versions 2013 , 2014
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Average Daily Cost? Less than $1.50/hour! Implementation with a "HindSite Professor" for $695

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Managing your business – plumbing, HVAC, repair, irrigation & landscaping, or any other field service business – is a tough job. You wear any number of hats every day, and there’s never enough time  or cash to get everything done.

HindSite was designed specifically to help you better control, and grow, your business.

Designed by a contractor, and continually improved based on our own customers’ best practices, The HindSite Solution is a field service management system to help you handle everything from scheduling, to timesheets, to billing in Peachtree or Simply Accounting.

And, it’s 100% paperless. Because paper is evil. Think about all the pain paperwork causes your business: it’s messy, hard to read, hard to process, easily lost… and all of that either means lost revenue or poor customer service.

So get rid of it. Use a system specifically designed to help you schedule and route service techs, to keep detailed customer histories and notes, to automate the collection of time records and material usage (so you can bill accurately), to provide accurate management reports on productivity, and to have a seamless interface with Sage 50 (so you can eliminate double-entry and create invoices on the same day they were completed… and get them out the door).

Each technician or crew foreman is outfitted with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. They track everything that happens, from time and materials, to jobsite notes, even attaching pictures and collecting customer signatures… and all of that information is sent back to the office. It’s accurate. It’s timely. And it’s easy to read!

  • Profit increases due to accurate invoices (billing for all time and material on every job)
  • Cash flow gets stronger due to eliminating double-entry and rapidly sending out invoices
  • Employee productivity increases due to efficient scheduling and routing
  • Customer service improves from having all job and customer details in your database, at hand
  • Additional $1,500.00 in revenue per technician, per month
  • Increasing productive, billable time from 50% to 90% per technician
  • Reducing time-on-phone by 75%, allowing office employees to get more done
  • Saving upwards of 5 hours of administrative time per week by eliminating paperwork
  • Literally saving a marriage (we can’t make this stuff up)
  • It’s specifically designed to help contractors in the small-to-medium range
  • We make sure it’s set up correctly (you’ll work with one of our “HindSite Professors”)
  • It’s designed to be EASY for both scheduling personnel and field techs to learn and use effectively
  • It eliminates the paperwork that holds you back from a better business, and more time away from the office
HindSite is subscription software, and on average costs $1.50/hr. We bill you based on the number of field techs or crews you’ll need to schedule, and please call us for pricing specific to your company (888-271-4076). We’ll also ask for a non-refundable setup fee of $695. This covers your –entire- implementation, including installing, setup, and training with a HindSite Prof.  The subscription covers all support, program updates, and ongoing training, for as long as you’re a customer. You won’t find a better investment for your business.

Industries: Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC, Specialty Contracting, Waste Management, Property Management

Business Needs: Contract Management, Project/Job Scheduling, Route Management, Records Management, Handhelds/PDAs, Estimating, Asset Management/Maintenance, Dispatch Control, Field Service, Handhelds/PDAs, Productivity Tools